Maisie, pretty and sweet 14.2 cob mare

Street Address Oak House Glebe Court, 94 Brent St, Brent Knoll, Highbridge TA9 4EH, UK
City Other
Country United Kingdom

Maisie is 8 years old and has been a fabulous first horse for my teenage daughter. She’s forward going and fantastic hacking in company and is as bombproof as a horse can get. She will follow you round like a dog! Maisie is happy around dogs, farm animals and small children and is unfazed by tractors, lorries and heavy machinery as she lives on a farm. Maisie has taken beginners around the arena and has even been ridden by owners granny! 
Maisie is up to date with teeth, back, feet and passport but my daughter is now ready to move on to competition horses. Maisie is fantastic with the farrier, comes to the gate form the field, travels well and can be ridden on the buckle in open spaces. She has a huge jump and can clear 3 feet from a standstill! She lives on grass so is cheap and easy to keep. 
Whilst Maisie is brilliant in many ways she can be marish in the arena as she will occasionally buck (can show videos) She works best off of voice rather than leg. 
Maisie will come with a full wardrobe with all tack and rugs including fitted saddle. 
She needs a competent rider as she will take advantage. 
Based in Somerset 
Buyer will be vetted 
Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to see more photos or videos 

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